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India Tours

India is a country that is haven to gluts of beautiful landscapes, pulsating rivers, dense jungles, majestic mountains and deep gorges and vales. The canvas is replete with accentuating hues and sprawling flora and fauna waiting to be explored. Unveil the magic and mysteries stashed in the country; take an India Tour from Joshi Holidays! Every city is different from the other and the natives are always eager to tell others about the history and culture of the region. Our India Tour is very comprehensive and includes visits to museums, art galleries, monuments and all important landmarks. Apart from sightseeing, even if you are going a bundle on various activities such as hiking, skiing, parasailing, paragliding, horse riding, etc., you would get many opportunities during the tour. Take a tour with us! We are an authentic tour operating company based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

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